MUDISA’s relocation and immigration service was created with the mission of helping executives and their families when they are transferred to or from El Salvador by providing the necessary services that make relocation easier, pleasurable, simple and safe. Among these are:

The services that MUDISA offers for its clients are:

Origin and Destination Moving Services

International Moving Services
  • Origin and Destination Services
  • Works of Art in Motion
  • Luxury or Collection Vehicles
  • Any other type of specific requirement (our service is door to door)
Movals and local transport.
  • Moving services throughout the country to:
    • Individual people
    • Corporate Entities
    • Government employees
  • All kinds of goods
    Transport of closed trucks and low bed trucks.

Relocation and Inmigration Services

In MUDISA S.A. we are aware that being transferred to another country can be a very difficult experience; since both executives and their families have to move to a totally new environment.

  • Migratory Services: Temporary Work Permits, Procedures, Etc.
  • Setting In Services.
  • Long-term task services for relocation of people: Shopping Centers, Residential, Tourism and Similar.
  • Rental of furniture.
  • Insurance inspections and case documents.
  • Reception and Assistance at the Airport.
  • Guidance Walk in the City.
    Informative package
  • Guidance on schools and colleges.
  • Orientation and search of Housing.
  • Housing Inspection and Inventory Checking.
  • Assistance for obtaining documents.
  • Disconnections of Basic Services.
  • Assistance in negotiation of contracts and leases.
  • Assistance for the rearrangement of your home.
  • Assistance for vehicle purchase or rental.
  • Assistance for deposit returns.
  • Assistance for banking procedures and private security.

Cargo and Logistics
  • Maritime Cargo Service: Full Container: FCL and / or LCL Consolidated Container (20 ‘or 40’)
  • Air Cargo Service: FCL and / or LCL
  • Land Freight Service: Full Transportation FCL or Consolidated Transportation LCL
  • Cargo Consolidation and Deconsolidation
  • Warehousing and Distribution Service.
  • Customs procedures for all types of shipments.
  • Courier and Package at Central American level.
  • Unpacking of Shipments.
  • Packaging and industrial packaging.
  • Container Service (Hanging clothes for clothing factory)
    All-risk insurance for cargo (international)
  • Document storage
  • Logistics services and container dispatch.
  • Implant services for project management.
  • Shipping inspection services (pre and post).
  • Squad service for logistics and logistics transfers.
  • Security services (custodians and patrols)
  • Special projects (Heavy load and special cranes)